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PCV Windows • Aluminum Windows • Wooden Windows • Roof Windows • Sills • Doors • Blinds and Roller blinds

PCV windows, aluminum windows, wood Windows, roof windows, windowstills, doors, venetian blinds and blinds
Our company is distributing windows in Cracow as well as on malopolskie province.
While developing with each year, we are able to set more and more new detachments.
We offer windows’ whole sale in South Poland. We supply repair companies, construction companies and other trading firms.  
We are offering the majority standard sized offhand and non-standard we deliver to our clients in time to 7 days.  
Our competence and experienced staff is accurate to sell our PVC windows not just to private customers but also to get involved in huge investments.  
Company „Janik Stolarka okienna” is an authorized distributor of the biggest and of the best factories window’s woodwork in Poland.
We offer PVC windows in systems: Encore, Aluplast, Veka, Brugmann/Salamander. Revolutionary passive system PVC window Encore is particularly recommended to energy-saving and passive construction industry.
We offer sale with assembly to every customer from malopolska. Window’s woodwork assembly is accomplished by qualified editors.
Since 2011 as and authorized distributor of roof windows Skylight PREMIUM, we have widen our good quality and good price offer of roof windows. We also offer roof windows in wholesale to roofer companies, repair companies, construction companies and building constructors. Roof windows Skylight Premium are available offhand in our company salons in typical sizes and colours like white and golden oak. 
In our window company wooded windows are also available. Our main deliverer, Stolarka budowlana Wojcik, produces windows made from pine and exotic wood. We offer you high quality wooden windows adjusted to individual preferences in terms of aesthetical likings as well as in many sizes and shapes.     
Aluminum windows, produced by our deliverers, will apply in new as well as in renewable buildings. Aluminum windows are available in wide range of colours and in many sizes.
Beyond great windows’ variety, we offer also wide range of entrance doors, windowsills, venetian blinds and blinds. In our offer you can find indoor and outdoor windowsills accurate to every kind of windows we offer.
We encourage you to acquaint yourself with wide offer of blinds, venetian blinds and with other products of our deliverers.

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